Blower’s Balm
Blower’s Balm

Blower’s Balm

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Our Blower’s Balm is formulated for our blower’s A.K.A smoker’s!! Finally we created a product that prevent and reverse dark lips, while moisturizing and replenishing. This product does not have a sheen or shine to it, and will not create a wet effect on lips, made with the thought of our male blower’s that also need a Devine lip therapy, however both male and female can use this Lip balm. Apply before and after Blowin, and as often as needed. 

  • Reverses and prevents lip darkness
  • Moisturizes and replenishes
  • Does not have a sheen or gloss finish
  • Prevents dry lips before & after blowing when used often

*All products are Vegan and cruelty free.



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